Scholars (Germany)

The following lists authors with affiliations in Germany who have published in a sample of SSCI-indexed journals since 1 January 2020 until now (last update: 02 July 2022). Note: Only scholars (and their co-authors) who have deposited their ORCID alongside their publications, and only those publications that have the respective ORCIDs saved in the metadata, are counted. All metadata, including the ones regariding the affiliation and its country, are taken from CrossRef. The data are thus necessarily incomplete in many ways. For fuller records, please contact the authors themselves or use curated and/or comprehensive databases (such as LENS).

Most Publications

# Scholar Publications
1 Germany Marius Mehrl 12
2 Germany Jale Tosun 11
  Germany Nils C. Bandelow 11
  Germany Johanna Hornung 11
5 Germany Robert Hassink 9
  Germany Mirko Heinzel 9
  Germany Sebastian Stier 9
  Germany Annett Heft 9
9 Germany Anna Sophie Kümpel 8
  Germany Björn Bremer 8
  Germany Marc Jungblut 8
  Germany Anna Litvinenko 8
  Germany Diana Panke 8
15 Germany Hartmut Wessler 7
  Germany Nils B. Weidmann 7
  Germany Viorela Dan 7
  Germany Christian Pentzold 7
  Germany Patrick A. Mello 7
  Germany Michael Jankowski 7
  Germany Adrian Meier 7
  Germany Stephen Quinlan 7
  Germany Colette S. Vogeler 7
  Germany Michael Zürn 7
  Germany Neil Thurman 7

Most Co-Authors

# Journal Co-Authors
1 Germany Neele Hermesch 52
2 Germany Frank M. Schneider 30
3 Germany German Neubaum 28
  Germany Sonja Utz 28
  Germany Anna Sophie Kümpel 28
6 Germany Christian Schemer 27
  Germany Stephan Winter 27
8 Germany Johannes Breuer 26
9 Germany Julian Unkel 25
10 Germany Sabine Trepte 24

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