Scholars (Colombia)

The following lists authors with affiliations in Colombia who have published in a sample of SSCI-indexed journals since 1 January 2020 until now (last update: 01 November 2021). Note: Only scholars (and their co-authors) who have deposited their ORCID alongside their publications, and only those publications that have the respective ORCIDs saved in the metadata, are counted. All metadata, including the ones regariding the affiliation and its country, are taken from CrossRef. The data are thus necessarily incomplete in many ways. For fuller records, please contact the authors themselves or use curated and/or comprehensive databases (such as LENS).

Most Publications

# Scholar Publications
1 Colombia Toby Miller 3
  Colombia Víctor García-Perdomo 3
3 Colombia Marta Milena Barrios 2
  Colombia Hector Galindo-Silva 2
  Colombia Camilo Restrepo-Estrada 2
  Colombia Mathew Charles 2
  Colombia Arlene B Tickner 2
8 Colombia Juan C Duque 1
  Colombia Freddy A Guerrero 1
  Colombia Mauricio Rodriguez 1
  Colombia Pablo Adrian Garlati-Bertoldi 1
  Colombia Juan Carlos Arboleda-Ariza 1
  Colombia Lina Martínez 1
  Colombia Juan David Torres 1
  Colombia María Catalina Monroy 1
  Colombia Andrea Cancino-Borbón 1
  Colombia Constanza Castro Benavides 1
  Colombia Luis Antonio Orozco 1
  Colombia Luis Enrique Ruiz González 1
  Colombia Ornella Moreno‐Mattar 1
  Colombia Simon Turner 1
  Colombia Juan Daniel Cruz 1
  Colombia Rocío Del Pilar Peña-Huertas 1
  Colombia Nancy Palacios Mena 1
  Colombia Michael Weintraub 1

Most Co-Authors

# Journal Co-Authors
1 Colombia Camilo Restrepo-Estrada 8
  Colombia Ricardo Andrés Lozada 8
3 Colombia Jenny Acevedo-Rincón 6
4 Colombia Toby Miller 5
5 Colombia Michelle Vernot‐López 3
  Colombia Cristiam Guerrero Lovera 3
  Colombia Jesús Arroyave 3
  Colombia Marta Milena Barrios 3
  Colombia Luis Antonio Orozco 3
  Colombia Elias Helo Molina 3

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