Scholars (Brazil)

The following lists authors with affiliations in Brazil who have published in a sample of SSCI-indexed journals since 1 January 2020 until now (last update: 02 August 2022). Note: Only scholars (and their co-authors) who have deposited their ORCID alongside their publications, and only those publications that have the respective ORCIDs saved in the metadata, are counted. All metadata, including the ones regariding the affiliation and its country, are taken from CrossRef. The data are thus necessarily incomplete in many ways. For fuller records, please contact the authors themselves or use curated and/or comprehensive databases (such as LENS).

Most Publications

# Scholar Publications
1 Brazil Natália Maria Félix de Souza 9
2 Brazil Vania Bogorny 4
  Brazil Raul Mota Silveira Neto 4
  Brazil Otávio Daros 4
  Brazil Francisco Paulo Jamil Marques 4
  Brazil Enzo Lenine 4
7 Brazil Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes 3
  Brazil Gregory Michener 3
  Brazil Rafael Mesquita 3
  Brazil Mariana Giannotti 3
  Brazil Alexei Manso Correa Machado 3
  Brazil Ricardo Fabrino Mendonça 3
  Brazil Thaiane M Oliveira 3
  Brazil Afonso de Albuquerque 3
  Brazil Jörg Nowak 3
  Brazil Matheus Pereira Libório 3
  Brazil Oseias da Silva Martinuci 3
18 Brazil Sue A. S. Iamamoto 2
  Brazil Ricardo Corrêa Gomes 2
  Brazil Bruna Letícia de Borba 2
  Brazil Niels Søndergaard 2
  Brazil Alketa Peci 2
  Brazil Inácio F. Araújo 2
  Brazil Lorena G Barberia 2
  Brazil Diego M. Gutierrez 2

Most Co-Authors

# Journal Co-Authors
1 Brazil Amanda Londero-Santos 54
2 Brazil Tiago A. Marot 52
3 Brazil Francisco Paulo Jamil Marques 12
  Brazil Herick Fernando Moralles 12
5 Brazil Thaiane M Oliveira 11
6 Brazil Igor Ribeiro Campos 10
  Brazil Marcos Paulo Ferreira Góis 10
  Brazil Paulo Cesar da Costa Gomes 10
  Brazil Beatriz Brum Domingues Dettmann 10
  Brazil Thomaz Menezes Leite 10

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