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Internet Usage by Women with Eating Disorders during Illness and Recovery

Book Review: Johan Lidberg and Denis Muller In the Name of Security – Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism
Journalism 2019-02-20

Book review: Shi-Xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah and María Laura Pardo, Discourses of the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials

Book review: Paul McIlvenny, Julia Zhukova Klausen and Laura Bang Lindegaard, Studies of discourse and governmentality: New perspectives and methods

Book review: Mariana Achugar, Discursive Processes of Intergenerational Transmission of Recent History: (Re)Making Our Past

Book review: Vijay K Bhatia, Critical Genre Analysis: Investigating Interdiscursive Performance in Professional Practice

The Football Boost? Testing Three Models on Impacts on Sports Spectators’ Self-Esteem

Book review: Giuseppe Balirano, Gardaí and Badfellas, The Discursive Construction of Organized Crime in the Irish Media

Exploring how exchange orientation affects conflict and intimacy in the daily life of romantic couples

“Presenting Our Perspective”: Recontextualizing Youths’ Experiences of Hypercriminalization Through Media Production