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Active journals in the past 7 days:

Cross-sectional properties of the humeral diaphysis of Paranthropus boisei: Implications for upper limb function

Some days are better than others: Examining time-specific variation in the structuring of interorganizational relations
Social Networks 2018-12-12

Ethnographic Decision Modeling to Understand Smallholder Antibiotic Use for Poultry in Guatemala

A Biocultural Analysis of Mortuary Practices in the Later Anglo‐Saxon to Anglo‐Norman Black Gate Cemetery, Newcastle‐upon‐Tyne, England

Subsistence strategies throughout the African Middle Pleistocene: Faunal evidence for behavioral change and continuity across the Earlier to Middle Stone Age transition

Apprenticeship in Early Neolithic Societies: The Transmission of Technological Knowledge at the Flint Mine of Casa Montero (Madrid, Spain), ca. 5300–5200 cal BC

Cultures of Militarism: Wenner-Gren Symposium Supplement 19

Investigating the provenance of Italian archaeological obsidian tools based on their magnetic properties

Public archaeology cannot just ‘fly at dusk’: the reality and complexities of generating public impact
Antiquity 2018-12-11

The Brexit hypothesis and prehistory
Antiquity 2018-12-11